Faster VMware Backups with SC 1801 DPM

Given the diversity of your workloads running in on-prem data centres and in the Azure public cloud, Azure Backup gives you an array of options to meet your data protection needs. With DPM and Azure Backup, you can backup your VMs running in Azure on-premise System State and Files and folders directly to cloud, and… Read more

Data Protection Manager Support for End User Recovery on Mountpoint Shares

Hello, Mike Jacquet here, and today I would like to discuss a fix that has been included in the released version of System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager (DPM) that enables End User Recovery (EUR) for file shares on the root of mountpoints to work properly. In previous versions of DPM, if you protected a… Read more

Replica inconsistent and insufficient disk space on BMR (Bare Metal Recovery) Backup (How To Fix)

New from our community driven TechNet Wiki: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 (DPM 2010) offers with its new console in the creation of a protection group in System Protection, a new option called "Bare Metal Recovery". This option saves the operating system files (System State) and critical volumes (excluding user data) to restore it… Read more

How to use SAN Based Recovery in System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

The following article explains the necessary steps to successfully restore large amount of data using SAN Based Recovery in System Center Data Protection Manager 2010. Imagine a scenario in which DPM 2010 needs to restore over 4TB of data on a SQL Database with files spread among many LUNs. Let me give you an idea… Read more

How to configure the DPM Client to allow non-admin users to perform end-user recovery of DPM protected data

Hi everyone, Marc Reynolds here and I wanted to take a minute and show you how to use a new feature that came with the March DPM hotfix rollup package that allows users that are not local administrators on a protected client to recover their protected data. Prior to this rollup hotfix, only a user… Read more

Easy DPM 2010 Fix: Disk based recovery points are not deleted as per retention goals

When using System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 or 2010 (DPM) to backup your production servers, you might encounter a situation where the recovery point volumes for your protected data source keep running out of space and the number of days that DPM has recovery points for exceeds the desired retention range.  If you run… Read more

How to use SAN recovery option and mapping data source volumes to Windows disks

Say you want to use the DPM “SAN recovery” option. This requires storage management steps for which it is useful to know which Windows disks (LUN’s) hold the associated DPM volumes for a given data source. First a generic recap of the potential ‘DPM SAN recovery’ advantages and steps; ‘SAN recovery’ is only beneficial when… Read more

How to properly configure DPM 2010 for successful client side recoveries

Setting up System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! So many new features and “toys” to play with. I don’t know what to open first. Since it is something that can affect all the users here, I think I will unwrap client protection first. (Don’t you just love… Read more