Troubleshooting Hyper-V protection failures due to networking problems

There are many failures that can happen when protecting Hyper-V hosts and CSV’s that are a result of the Cluster network configuration not being optimized for redirected mode communication. In most cases these problems will only happen under a heavy load, and when it happens we can lose access to the storage that houses the… Read more

New DPM KB article fix: Unable to protect a SharePoint Farm with System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

Just a quick FYI on a new Data Protection Manager Knowledge Base article we published today: ===== Summary While trying to create a protection group in System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 SP1 or System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, you may receive the following error: DPM cannot protect your Windows SharePoint services farm until… Read more

Quick Fix: DPM 2010 is unable to enumerate C: on computer . (ID: 3055)

Here’s an interesting issue I ran into the other day.  While going through the DPM Protection Group wizard to protect a servers NTFS volume, after enumerating the protected servers data sources and clicking on the volume to protect you receive the following popup message: DPM is unable to enumerate C:\ on computer <FQDN>. (ID: 3055)… Read more