New DPM 2010 TechNet Forums

Last week, the DPM TechNet Forums were reorganized – so that it is easier for you to ask your question to the right group of experts — and for them to answer you within context: DPM DPM Tape DPM Disaster Recovery DPM File protection DPM Exchange protection DPM SharePoint protection DPM SQL protection DPM Hyper-V… Read more

How much can I shrink recovery point volumes with DPM2010

The script shown below finds out how much recovery points volumes could be shrunk on DPM2010. One word of caution though: use the shrink feature with common sense and not as a regular remedy! Repeated small shrinks cause free space fragmentation and increases the number of extents. The shrink option can be useful if accidental… Read more

TechNet Webcast: Monitoring, Backing Up, and Restoring Exchange Server 2010 with System Center

  Microsoft System Center helps you get the most from your mission-critical messaging infrastructure with management solutions that enhance the availability features built into Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. In this webcast on March 3, 2010, we look at how System Center can improve the health and availability of your servers running Exchange with the Exchange… Read more

DPM 2010 Release Candidate webcast preview

Hopefully you have been enjoying the DPM 2010 beta since September, but we are almost finished with the Release Candidate and our last milestones towards delivery.  Please join us on January 14 at 9:00 AM Pacific US Time to see what is coming in the Release Candidate  We will demonstrate the pre-RC software that our… Read more

Webcast on Thursday – Cheaper, Better Backups with DPM 2007

On Thursday morning, 8AM Pacific, please join us for a discussion on reducing costs and improving your backup and recoverability with System Center Data Protection Manager. Event Overview In today’s economy, more than ever, IT Pro’s are looking for ways to reduce costs while still improving existing processes or fixing things that aren’t meeting… Read more

DPM v3 “First Look” – TechNet Webcast on May 5

On Tuesday, May 5th at 11 AM Pacific – we will be giving folks your “First Look” at DPM v3.   This webcast will cover the big features and directions for the next generation of DPM, so you won’t want to miss it…. Read more

New SQL Server protection information for DPM 2007 SP1

Two new pieces of information to keep you informed on what is going on with SQL Server database protection and System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 SP1.   As part of Service Pack 1 for DPM, we now have official support for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3.  This goes both for protected servers as… Read more