Data Protection Manager 2010 and System State Restore

Hello, I’m Shane Brasher. I’d like to discuss the System State Restore Process, basically a walkthrough if you will. First however let’s discuss a high level view of what is done during the backup of a server system state. From a very high level, Data Protection Manger (DPM) contacts the agent on a protected server… Read more

Troubleshooting Data Protection Manager System State and Bare Metal Backup

Hello, Shane Brasher here. I’d like to go over some very basic troubleshooting steps used to narrow down some common causes on initial replication and just plain replication failures for System State and Bare Metal backups. Troubleshooting a System State or BMR backup failures can be frustrating as there are a lot of underlying components… Read more

Protect, Unprotect, Protect, Unprotect – Understanding how DPM 2010 retention works

UPDATE 11/20/2013: The script below has been updated to work with all current versions of DPM 2012. ===== With special thanks to Fahd Kamal for the backgrounder content. Imagine that you are experimenting with DPM 2010.  You protect some data, and then you remove that protection group.  Then, showing DPM to one of your friends,… Read more

New Video: A step by step on how to perform a System State restore using Data Protection Manager 2010

Our very own Shane Brasher just released another new video, this one covering the steps to perform a System State restore using DPM 2010 to a target server should it need a system state repair. You can view it here below or at the link here.     J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer… Read more

Troubleshooting system state backup of a protected server in System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

Just an FYI on a new Knowledge Base article we published today that goes over some of the top issues and solutions you may run into with System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.  I included the article below but you can find the latest revision as KB2428303 – Troubleshooting system state backup of a protected… Read more