Why good scripts may start to fail on you for instance with timestamps like “01/01/0001 00:00:00”!

You may have scripts running fine since early DPM2007 days but start to show unexpected results with DPM2010. This blog explains what is likely happening and how to resolve that. Typically information returned from cmdlets is assumed to be valid unless some error occurred, right? That is no longer a valid assumption for some cmdlets… Read more

Erasing unsupported tapes & utility automation sample

You may encounter tapes in DPM libraries that are written with an unsupported block size and first need to be erased because DPM cannot evaluate such tapes and therefore will not do anything to it. The ZIP file that can be downloaded here contains a script, script user guide and two utilities to accomplish this… Read more

The search for DPM tape utilities stops here…

This solution combines several existing tape related scripts with enriched functionality. The short list is shown in the DPMTapeUtil user guide illustration on the right. You can download the script and user guide from here, provided “as is” no rights or warranties implied. This script is updated to also copy recovery points to disk and… Read more

Why is recovery point consumption smaller than transferred data?

There are people that understand and monitor what’s happening in their environment, I’m sure you are one of those and may observe strange looking statistics. On the 10.000ft level and a per job basis, not all data that gets transferred is also stored!? Are we losing information? No, of course not! DPM is a CDP… Read more

Checking LDM database space usage

When should I be concerned with this? Usually not at all and the DPM2010 RTM release will check actual LDM consumption providing an early warning. Neither will DPM2010 consume all LDM space allowing space for re-consolidation purposes to reduce extents should that be needed.  However, … …on large scale storage migrations you may want to… Read more

Testing enrollment for DPM v1 SP1 Beta closes!

Excellent response to testing DPM v1 SP1 Beta…   Thanks to everyone for your excellent response and volunteering to DPM v1 SP1 Beta. As we have already exceeded the total number of seats available, we are not in a position to accept any more testers.   Thanks once again to everyone who have signed-up! –… Read more

Test DPM v1 SP1 Beta…

Among the exsiting DPM V1 customers we are looking for customers who want to participate in our beta for Service Pack 1.   SP1 enables: protection of 64 bit production servers protection of production servers with Single Instance Store (SIS) enabled allows for protection of clustered production servers and has a roll up of all… Read more

Calling DPM v2 Early adopters…

The DPM product team is looking for participants in the DPM V2 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) where participants get: Early access to DPM V2 Individual DPM team technical experts for your deployment to answer your questions A unique chance to learn about DPM V2 and how it is best used A limited number of software… Read more

Welcome to the DPM Team Blog!

Welcome to the Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (in short, DPM) team blog! The authors here are developers, testers, program managers, technical writers, marketing folks and product support engineers who work with DPM. And of course, if DPM customers like you, write reviews on your blogs or mail us, we may track-back those too!… Read more