Exchange 2010 can be protected by multiple DPM servers

I like to draw attention to something that may not be well known and surprise some old ‘die hard’ DPM’ers. You probably are familiar with the ‘rule’ that all protected hosts within a cluster must be protected by the same DPM server! This is does not apply to Exchange 2010 and is formally documented here:… Read more

Potential VM protection name confusion

Lets say you create virtual machine protection and current conditions allow “Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\<VM>” or in short; ‘online’ protection. Then you change the VM configuration and introduce one of the conditions that prohibit online protection (see below and  At this point online  protection (as the data source name suggests) will no longer… Read more

Protect, Unprotect, Protect, Unprotect – Understanding how DPM 2010 retention works

UPDATE 11/20/2013: The script below has been updated to work with all current versions of DPM 2012. ===== With special thanks to Fahd Kamal for the backgrounder content. Imagine that you are experimenting with DPM 2010.  You protect some data, and then you remove that protection group.  Then, showing DPM to one of your friends,… Read more

About defining DPM protection from CLI

Those with interest in modifying and creating DPM protection from CLI probably appreciate this otherwise there is little sense in reading further I guess. Those that seek to save and recreate protection configurations are up for a task that proved to be a daunting one, you may want to look into a twin script called… Read more

Why good scripts may start to fail on you for instance with timestamps like “01/01/0001 00:00:00”!

You may have scripts running fine since early DPM2007 days but start to show unexpected results with DPM2010. This blog explains what is likely happening and how to resolve that. Typically information returned from cmdlets is assumed to be valid unless some error occurred, right? That is no longer a valid assumption for some cmdlets… Read more

Take caution when reintroducing old storage pool disk space

Assume we have some sort of scenario where protection is continued on new storage pool and are left with old storage pool that contains data but is no longer relevant. You could develop the idea to re-use old storage pool disk space to enlarge the new storage pool and may even be part of a… Read more

Need personalized help implementing a Microsoft product or solution? Our new ProAdvisory service may be for you

I know this isn’t specific only to Data Protection Manager (although it is a big part!) but I wanted to let you know of a new support offering that we’re rolling out. I am sure many of you have contacted Microsoft for support in the past and are aware of our various support offerings. We… Read more