Announcement: Protect your Server 2016 workloads with Enhanced Security

System Center Data Protection Manager (SC DPM) is an Enterprise backup solution, providing App Consistent backups to workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange and File Servers, running in Physical or Virtualized Environments. In addition, you can also backup your Hyper-V and VMWare VMs (with SC 2012 R2 DPM UR11). These backups can be stored on disks for… Read more

KB: Microsoft Azure Backup offline seeding is stuck at "Waiting for Azure import job to complete"

Just a quick FYI on a new KB article that was published. When you try to use the Microsoft Azure Backup (MAB) offline seeding feature, the import job may fail to continue after it sends the drive to Azure for importing. Additionally, the MAB interface displays the following message: Waiting for Azure Import Job to… Read more

KB: You can't delete a recovery checkpoint for a virtual machine in Data Protection Manager

After Data Protection Manager (DPM) backup fails, you are unable to delete broken recovery checkpoints for a virtual machine that was created by Hyper-V. When you try to do this, you discover that there's no option listed for a virtual machine in the Hyper-V Manager Console GUI as shown below. For complete details regarding this… Read more

Support Tip: DPM System State Protection Fails with error ID: 30229

~ Dwayne Jackson | Senior Support Escalation Engineer Hi Everyone, Dwayne Jackson here with a quick tip in case you ever run into an issue where System State Protection fails for System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager. Please ensure your symptoms align with the items noted below.  Symptoms The first symptom you’ll see from DPM… Read more

KB: "The system cannot find the file specified" error when you use Data Protection Manager to restore DPMDB.bak

When you run the C:>DpmSync.exe –restoredb –dbloc command line to restore the DPMDB.bak file, the operation fails with the following error: Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.FailedOperationException: Restore failed for Server <DPMDBName>. —> Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ExecutionFailureException: An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Directory lookup for the file "<D:\Microsoft System Center 2012\DPMDB\MSDPM2012$DPMDB.mdf>" failed with the… Read more

KB: Some disks are not enumerated when you try to add them to a Data Protection Manager disk pool

When you have disks that are physically attached to a server that is running Microsoft System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager (DPM 2012 or DPM 2012 R2), the disks are displayed in Disk Management as expected, however when you try to add them to the Data Protection Manager disk pool, Data Protection Manager may not… Read more