DPM 2012 – Certificate Based Protection



DPM 2012 provides the capability to protect Workgroup computers and computers in untrusted domains using Certificates for the purpose of authentication.

If you are already using DPM 2010, you have the ability to protect machines without trust by using NTLM based authentication and local accounts. While this worked, you gave us feedback that you would want a more robust and secure method of authentication. We are happy to share we have addressed your feedback in DPM 2012.

This video (DPM 2012 – Certificate Based Protection) talks in depth about Certification Based Authentication and how you can set it up using DPM 2012.


Following workloads/scenarios are supported using certificate based authentication:

1. SQL Server

2. File Server

3. Hyper-V Server

4. Clustered Backed (For all of the above workloads)

5. Secondary DPM Server (for DR)


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Prateek Sharma | Program Manager | Microsoft Corporation