Everything you ever wanted to know about SharePoint and DPM


SharePoint Data Protection Manager

Chris Whitehead, who is a Premier Field Engineer for SharePoint in the UK and a fan of DPM, recently posted a series of blogs on SharePoint and DPM.

One of the things that we like about Chris is that he has a different point of view. 

– We in the DPM team think about “backing stuff up” … and what is necessary to protect each workload, such as SharePoint.

– Chris thinks about SharePoint … how to deploy it, how to manage it, how to troubleshoot it, and how to back it up.

Chris’ perspective has helped us build a better protection and recovery experience for SharePoint, and hopefully his blogs will help you too.

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 1 – A love/love relationship

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 2 – How does DPM protect SharePoint data?

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 3 – How does DPM restore SharePoint data?

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 4 – Why do I get this error?

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 5 – What’s coming next?

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 6 – What about Search?

· DPM and SharePoint – Part 7 – OK, you’ve convinced me, where do I find out more?

Thanks Chris !!