A bigger Sky

Out of the blue the SkyDrive team have announced that they are extended the storage limit that we’ll have on our SkyDrives from 5Gb to 25Gb!  That’s a 5-fold increase which is going to come in handy for everyone. A few other changes being made are: The ability to download photos direct to your Windows…


Getting your own personal translation service

I was using Windows Live Translator the other day when I noticed that the page had been subtly updated with the introduction of a small image to the right informing me that I can also have automatic language translations made via instant messaging.  By simply adding the user mtbot@hotmail.com to your contact list, you can…


Portable Applications with Live Mesh

I really like Live Mesh.  I had been hoping/waiting a long time for Microsoft to bring out a free tool that allowed me to store all of my documents online, and have them sync automatically.  I had previously tried other options like xdrive.com or box.net but never liked them because they either looked too ‘clunky’…


Photo sharing – The Next Generation

I have been wanting to buy a digital photo frame for a while now, mostly because I never get to regularly see any of the photos I take with my digital camera as they are stored on a computer which I don’t leave permanently switched on.  However, the thing that keeps putting me off about…


SkyDrive – making the sky better

The cool SkyDrive site has been upgraded with some new features.  The first big feature, which to be honest about is something I am not too bothered about as I won’t use it, is the ability to add captions to files.  This works great if you use SkyDrive to share photos with family and friends….


Windows Live Installer – without the installer??!?!?

To install a Windows Live product(s) you need to download and install the WLInstaller.exe file, which is a rolled-up package of all the Windows Live services.  You run the installer and then you can choose the components that you want to install from the main screen.  This is a great way to distribute the applications…