GPS, but without GPS

Most modern laptops still don’t have GPS receivers built into them. My HTC Snap Windows Mobile 6.5 does, although it never seems to connect to anything at all so I am starting to suspect that it is just a lie… I’d like GPS built into my laptop though, but I can’t imagine I’d use it…


Virtual PC Just Became More Accessible

If you have tried to use XP Mode in Windows 7 in the past, then you may have seen the below error message: This error was caused because the machine in question is trying to start a virtual computer using Virtual PC, on a computer that has a CPU that does not support hardware-based virtualisation….


Smartcard Needing Drivers In Order To Be Smart

My company laptop dual-boots between Windows 7 x64 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This is for the simple reason that Hyper-V is an indispensible tool for a consultant, but the comfort of a desktop OS like Windows 7 means that I don’t want to do without either operating system. I keep the R2 installation fairly…


Family IT Nirvana

Working in I.T. also means fixing the computers of family members, friends and neighbours. Trying to do this over the phone (especially with my father, who consistently asks “but where is the Start menu?”) is pretty much impossible because they just can’t follow the basic instructions you try to give… 😉 In the past I…


Incorrectly speculating about my friend 0xc000000f

Back in April I blogged about how to get around the 0xc000000f error when trying to install programs over the network via RDP. In the original post I speculated that the problem was likely caused by some network latency issues, or something similar. However, it turns out that the actual cause of the problem was…


Wasted Space, Begone!

A few months ago I won an 8Gb Zune in an internal Microsoft competition. I really like the device and use it all the time on the train to work to help with the monotony. The interface is simple to use, I like the way the music is organised in the library, and the Zune…