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I am interested what you read or sources you use to keep up with technical information in your field.  Working for Microsoft and focusing on platform technology, I obviously lean toward Microsoft information.  I seem to learn the most from   This blog is all about Directory Services and provides great insight and practical application of many concepts.  Sometime there is humor injected in the posts which makes the reading more human.  I have frequently used askds on site with customers and when trying to learn a new concept in my labs.

Non-Microsoft resources that I use A LOT are on  There are many podcasts available and I am sure you will find one or more that fits your niche.  I listen to two of them regularly (seldom miss).  First is Security Now hosted by Leo Laporte with Steve Gibson from Gibson Research on   Through this podcast I keep up to date on the latest security vulnerabilities and what industry is doing about them.  He will talk about anything that is cool in security as well what’s not cool in security.  He also talks about his harddrive recovery utility: SpinRite.  So you may know of him through that tool.   His last podcast covered risks with WPS (a new easy security setup) protocol for wireless routers.  Well worth listening to as are all his podcasts if you are in to security.

The second podcast I frequent is Windows Weekly.  This one is also hosted by Leo Laporte with Paul Thurrott (author of Super Site for Windows - ) and Mary Joe Foley (blog on zdnet - ).  This podcast has great updates on Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.  They are also dabbling in Windows 8, but with not much released they mostly speculate where they are unsure.

Other resources I use: – great for insights and some non-technical links to cool videos.  This was one of my main study resources in the early days of my MCSE certifications.

When all else fails, I use

What do you use?  Post your favorites in the comments below.  Try to keep it one or two of your favorites and tell us why you like it.  I am sure we will learn from each other.

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