Weekly Digest for Friday, August 23


Weekly Digest for Friday, August 23

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Doug McCutcheon:

QUIZ: Within the terms for the "Office 365 Deployment Offer" launching Sept 1st, how much does it contribute to partners for a +1000 seat Step 2 deployment? Hint: https://aka.ms/deploymentoffer , to register for access https://partnerready.office.com/hrdauthentication/login

· $3,000

· $20,000

· $12,000

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Margie Gradwohl: We’re excited to announce dates/locations for the upcoming Drumbeat & Ignite events and encourage you to register (https://dynamicevents.emeetingsonline.com/emeetings/websitev…) today! Hong Kong, Oct 7 – 10; Prague, Oct 21 -24; Washington DC, Nov 4 – 7; Dubai, Nov 18 - 21   The Drumbeat Sales Day is a 1-day sales training event preceding the Ignite Summit, that provides partners in sales and pre-sales technical roles with best practice sales training for Office 365. More on //drumbeat.office.com. The Ignite Summit Technical Training is a 3-day workshop for customer and partners providing deep-dive technical readiness on all MOD workloads. More on //ignite.office.com.   

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