Project 2010 training and certification update for training partners

This video is the recording of the following event and is available on demand..

  • Event Title: Microsoft Project 2010 Training Certification Partner Update
  • Event Date: May 26, 2010
  • Event Start Time: 9:00 am Pacific
  • Event End Time: 10:00 am Pacific

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Get Microsoft Silverlight


New Project 2010 Train & Learn site overview

  • A look at worldwide search – geography, language, and more
  • What are the multiple content types such as: Books, ILTs, CBTs, and On-Demand
  • The online content provider submission process

Validate training content as “certification ready”

  • What is so important about those Objective Domains?
  • Validating courseware against the Objective Domain
  • Benefits of “Validation

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) competency

  • Why did it change and what does that mean?
  • How does it affect Partner plans for the summer?
  • When will Partners get to take advantage of the Logo Builder?
  • What is the difference between competency and Advanced competency?
  • Where can I find information relevant to me on this subject?

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