Microsoft Brand assets for Partner is changing – be ready


Travel to USA 001 - Copy I personally believe the two major items that Microsoft provide direct to their partners is brand and opportunity. I would like to focus on brand is this blog.

The Microsoft brand is very recognizable and there are a couple of ways that we share this with partners to help promote our joint business interests.


The first is through the recognition of the Partner as a valued organization. In the Project business this is currently done through the provision of the IW Competent logo which all certified EPM Specialized partners are entitled to use.

You can include your Certified Partner logo on marketing brochures, presentations, and other marketing materials when you want your clients to know:

  • You have attained Microsoft Competencies.
  • Your business is reliable and experienced working with Microsoft technologies.
  • You have access to more Microsoft resources than non-certified companies

Now the exciting news is that under the general partner network overhaul we applied and were successful in commissioning a new and exclusive to the Project business “Project and Portfolio Management Competency”.

For more information on this change refer to

Navigating the Transition to Microsoft Partner Network Competencies

What competencies will I have in the Microsoft Partner Network?



You’ll find a selection of Microsoft product images and tiles for use in your Web or print marketing campaigns. 

Use of these images must comply with all guidelines. These product images and tiles complement existing logo programs and are not intended to replace any programs or other guidelines currently in place.

No other logos may be used by partners.

Read and print the Product Image Guidelines.



  1. Starting in July 2009, visit the Microsoft Partner Portal pages dedicated to the competencies and specializations that you have attained for new requirements in advance of your re-enrollment.
  2. You should update your marketing material to reflect the competencies and designations you have attained. Continue to use the logos you have today. When all competencies are available after October 2010, you can begin to use the new Microsoft Partner Network logos. Existing logos will be retired six months after the new logo system is available
  3. When the 2010 product is released the “Microsoft Product Logos” provided by the Microsoft Partner Portal will be updated.

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