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Dear all – Microsoft Project 2010 has now 4 public forums

If you have a question on Project 2010 – you are welcome to refer to and discuss in this forum. Moderators are the top Project 2010 Subject Matter Experts from Microsoft, including Program Managers and Engineers and Project Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs)!

Project Server 2010

Project Server 2010 General Questions and Answers

General questions, comments and discussions on Project Server 2010.

Project Server 2010 - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation

Discuss setup, upgrade & migration, administration and operation for Project Server 2010.

Project 2010 Customization and Programming

Discuss customizations and programming for Project Web Access 2010, Project Server 2010, Project Professional 2010 and Project Standard 2010. Includes User Interface (UI) customizations, Project Server Interface (PSI) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming.

Project Professional 2010

Project Professional 2010 General Questions and Answers

General questions, comments and discussions on Project Professional 2010.

All 4 could be accessed via the following TechNet and MSDN links (both point to the SAME forums with the SAME content but with different look and feel):



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Q: How could post to this forum?

A: Anyone.

Q: What happened to the Project Newgroups, like e.g.

A: The Newsgroups are still open for versions 2007 and below.


Comments (8)

  1. S Roy says:

    How could I can make sunday & saturday as a normal working day in MS Project 2010?

  2. Sarisha says:

    Puzzles as to why my project days do not coincide with my start and finish day. I am trying to use a calendar day of 7 days a week where 120 days  starting on July 1, 2013 would end on October 28 instead of October 24, one week short.


  3. Hans says:

    The 'Group by' function in MSP 2007 displays the field description, in MSP2010 it displays the field value.

    Can this be changed?

  4. RJPayton - Question says:

    Good afternoon.  Is there a way in Project Server 2010 to when project are Published and automatic email notifications are generated and sent out to have the tasks that are 100% complete, filtered out of the notification

    Task Name: Create / Review / Revise Scope Document

     Start: Friday, January 04, 2013  Finish: Monday, January 07, 2013  Work: 8h  Remaining Work: 0h  % Completion: 100

     Task Name: Scope Document Sign off

     Start: Monday, January 14, 2013  Finish: Thursday, January 24, 2013  Work: 4h  Remaining Work: 0h  % Completion: 100

    Users are still receiving notifications on assigned tasks even though they are 100% completed.

    Any ideas on how to modify the email notifications

  5. shirley says:

    I wonder if anyone can help me.
    Is there a way to enter expense in MSPS with a Plan number and each month I can go in to enter the actual and the remaining will automatically calculate?

    plan or Cost (MSPS) = 500
    in Sept I want to enter 100
    in OCt I want to enter 50
    in Nov I want to enter 100 ( all show in each month seperately)
    and I want the remaining show 250

    When I try enter those actual cost for those three month my plan cost number change and the remaining number change.

    If anyone have a solution to this that will be great.

    Greatly apprecicate.


  6. Leo says:

    In the Gantt chart view I have set up a custom field called "Project ID" so I can identify the activities for each project in the Master Project schedule. I have set resources to each of the activities and wish to get an overall view of the resources across
    all the projects and also for each of the resources across all the projects. To do the first part I switch to the Task Usage view and include the custom field "Project ID" so that when I run a look ahead filter I can identify each of the tasks with the project
    it is part of. For the second part to see the load each resource has and any over allocations I switch to the resource usage view. This is the problem arises. When I try to include the column for the custom field "Project ID" to identify the task with the
    project the custom field no longer exist, but if I switch back to the Gantt chart or Task Usage views I can see the custom field. Why is it not available in the Resource usage view? Is there another way to identify each of the different projects task in the
    Resource Usage View or is there a Report I could use to get this information? I need to track each resource (person) to see if they are over allocated and if so which Projects are causing the over allocation so that we can make adjustments to reduce or remove
    the over allocations.

  7. mstrozzo says:

    I created a schedule and saved it as my baseline and now I have four date columns, baseline start, baseline finish, actual start, and actual finish. My dates for baseline show up in the columns, but when I put my actual dates in they show up as NA. How
    do I update my project with actual start and finish with dates side by side of my baseline?

  8. Kedar Pitre says:

    When I allocate a duration of 4 days for a task starting on Monday the table shows that the scheduled end of the task is on Friday instead of Thursday. The succeeding task when linked is shown to start on Friday.This creates a problem when the same resource
    is to do both the tasks as he is shown to be over allocated on Friday, while he actually is not! What am I missing and what mistake am I making? This is not an isolated case as it is happening in all my projects. So Help!!

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