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Microsoft PARTNER MS101

8-11 March, 2010

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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Schedule of Partner MS101 Courses for 2010

  • 8-11 March, 2010 - EMEA Amsterdam
  • July, 2010 - Washington DC  (Short Version)
  • 13-16 September, 2010 – Redmond, WA.

What is Microsoft Partner MS101?
Based on our experience with our global enterprise partners and from your feedback, we have developed a “Partner Version” of our Microsoft Worldwide Field New Hire Orientation Training course, called MS101.

Our primary objective for Microsoft PARTNER MS101 is to enable and provide a jumpstart on your understanding of Microsoft, covering our strategies, products, customer campaigns and field organization for our key enterprise partner alliance, marketing and sales contacts to decrease the time-to-opportunities & engagement and to drive wins and revenue for our firms!!!

We are in our 11th year of Microsoft PARTNER MS101 and we have had very positive feedback from partner attendees for each offering we have had!  We have taken the comments and suggestions from the previous courses and incorporated them into this version and have updated the content to reflect Microsoft’s strategy and plans for our Fiscal Year 2010 (July 2009 – June 2010).

Comments from Partners Who Attended Previous Microsoft Partner MS101 Conferences:

“Without question, the industry’s strongest partner training event.”

“A great, informative week – you touched on everything possible to give an introductory yet rich overview of Microsoft’s offering and the company as a whole.”

“Exceeded my expectations!  I learned in 3 days what would take years.”

“Thank you for putting this conference together.  You truly took my understanding of Microsoft to the next level.  Very well put together.  The complete week was outstanding.  Thank you!”

“This has been an extremely valuable conference.  I will be pushing my co-workers who have not gone to go.”

“Best content to date, having been to three Partner MS101s.”

                                                                                                        “You continue to innovate and raise the bar every year…”

“MS101 is grueling but essential for any partner who is serious about partnering with Microsoft.”

“Outstanding!  The business value of MS101 is incredible and I recommend this for any partner developing or executing an alliance with Microsoft.”

Comments from Analyst and Press Who Attended

Microsoft PARTNER MS101


What I Learned at MS101 for Partners

At MS101, partners get a glimpse behind the Redmond curtain

Directions Column
By Paul DeGroot, Directions on Microsoft



Postcard from Redmond: Microsoft Partner MS101

An event worth attending if you’re a Microsoft Partner

Blog Postcard from Redmond:

Microsoft Partner MS101

Posted by Lee Pender, Senior Editor, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine


Partner Target Audience

  • Customer Segment: Enterprise - Microsoft partners who sell to the enterprise customer segment
  • Roles: Alliance, Marketing and Sales responsibilities for their firms
  • Metrics: Goaled to drive services and/or software application and/or hardware revenues for your firms based on the Microsoft platform
  • Partner Types: Services - SI partners, Technology partners, ISV partners, OEM partners and Large Account Resellers (LARs)


  • Provide the key Microsoft alliance personnel at our top enterprise partners with an in-depth orientation and briefing on Microsoft and how best to work with us and be the most effective and efficient in driving the alliance throughout your firm and increasing your Microsoft-based opportunities and revenue.
  • Provide the key information, tools and contacts at Microsoft to successfully plan, execute and manage a successful alliance with Microsoft.
  • Understand both the sales and marketing organizations at both corporate and the field so they you and your firm can be more effective in:
    • Alliance marketing including events, MS Corporate events, Customer Marketing Campaigns and Sales Priorities
    • Working effectively with the Business Groups (Product Groups) including Windows Server,  Application Platform (SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Visual Studio, System Center); Microsoft Forefront Security; Microsoft Office System (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – Enterprise Content Management and Search, Unified Communications with Exchange Server and Office Communications Server); Windows 7; Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Supply Chain and CRM; Microsoft’s implementation of XML Web Services, Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Live – Software + Services strategy
    • Working effectively with the Microsoft marketing organization – Business and Marketing Organization (BMO)
    • Worldwide regions and field sales organization, structure and metrics of how the Microsoft field is goaled and compensated in FY10
  • Understand Microsoft’s Customer Campaigns and sales priorities for FY10 including specific metrics at various levels in the Microsoft organization.
  • Understand the Microsoft culture and review best practices on how partners have been successful in accomplishing their partnership goals with Microsoft.

Partner Requirements to Attend Microsoft PARTNER MS101:

  • You must be a managed Microsoft Enterprise Partner, meaning you must have a Microsoft Partner Account Manager (PAM) or Business Development Manager (ALLIANCE MANAGER) assigned to your company
  • You must consider your primary customer market segment as the Enterprise segment since the conference content is primarily focused on the Enterprise Customer Segment


The Microsoft PARTNER MS101 tuition is supported by a cost recovery model program. We will be providing you with all your meals during the day, evening events which include entertainment and networking dinners, great promotional items and we will also provide transportation between the NH Barbizon Palace and the evening events. The registration fee for this conference is USD $1,650 (Approximately €1104).

No shared registrations for this event, one attendee per each fee paid.

  • Your tuition for this conference must be paid by either your company or your Microsoft PAM or ALLIANCE MANAGER.  Please note that your PAM or ALLIANCE MANAGER may not have budget to cover your tuition.
  • Microsoft PAM / ALLIANCE MANAGER Pays – Please note that your PAM/ALLIANCE MANAGER may not have the budget to cover the tuition so you will need to check with them.  If your PAM/ALLIANCE MANAGER has agreed to cover your tuition they must provide you the following accounting codes: 4 digit SAP Company Code and a 7 digit SAP IO Number (This will facilitate the internal Microsoft tuition charge).  You must have these accounting codes in order to complete your registration. You will also be asked to forward the email from your Microsoft PAM/ALLIANCE MANAGER confirming that they will be covering your tuition payment.
  • Partner Pays - If your ALLIANCE MANAGER/PAM will not be paying for your tuition, you will be asked to pay the tuition for Microsoft Partner MS101 with a major credit card on the registration web site.  Again, the tuition is intended to support cost recovery on this program which allows us to break-even.

You and your firm will also be responsible for your travel expenses (airfare, hotel, incidentals, transfer to and from the airport, etc.)

Microsoft Partner MS101 Registration and Hotel Accommodations:

To register for this event, please visit the Website. If you need a hotel, please indicate that on the website.  Alternatively you can go directly to the Registration Site, click on the “Spring” icon and type in the event password MS101 when asked.

Microsoft has reserved a block of rooms at the NH Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam at a discounted rate of €145, 00 per night (single occupancy), approximately USD $215. Rooms have been blocked for the nights of 08-12 March, 2010. All guests are charged a “portage fee” of $4, so you do not need to tip to have your luggage moved unless you want to give in addition to the $4. If you are requesting a room on additional nights, we will do what we can to accommodate you. Reservation requests must be made by 16:00 (PDT) on Thursday, 4 March, 2010. If you need to cancel a hotel reservation you have made, you must contact us at (microsoftevents@dynamicevents.com) 72 business hours prior to your hotel arrival date. If you do not cancel your reservation, you will be charged for your first night stay.

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds (less $50.00 (USD) processing fee per registrant) will be granted to cancellations received via email to microsoftevents@dynamicevents.com up until 17:00 (US-PDT) 10 days prior to Day 1 of this event  (8 March 2010). Refunds will not be given to registrants who do not cancel or who cancel within 9 days of Day 1 of this event. However, substitutions are allowed. There are set costs based on our attendee estimates a few weeks in advance so we are forced to incur these charges for people that cancel after this cancellation date.


Schedule of Partner MS101 Courses for 2010

  • 8-11 March, 2010 - EMEA Amsterdam
  • July, 2010 - Washington DC  (Short Version)
  • 13-16 September, 2010 – Redmond, WA.

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