SharePoint 2010 is go! News from the SharePoint Conference

Travel to USA 001 - Copy SharePoint 2010 was publically disclosed today at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. This means that we can now talk about the full capabilities and benefits that come to our customers that come with the installation Project Server 2010.

Marrying the features that Project Server 2010 lights up in SharePoint Enterprise 2010 and taking it further with the additional capabilities available should make a “knock out” project environment, second to none.

Also announced was that public beta for Project Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 will be released in November.

Features I noted through the keynote were the ability to deploy documents sets as a content type; the ease at which LOB data such as that held in the Project Server database can be exposed and the ability to link to dynamic charts up to date charts as part of blog posting (thinking status reports) were a small part of this new release.

Next challenge, how to get informed.

My first stop would be the official SharePoint site at

My second would be the blogs listed at

Happy reading.

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