Project Partners Solution display is moving off EPMCONNECT soon! How get ready for the change.


Travel to USA 001 As part of our efforts to get broader market exposure of Project based partner solutions we intend to transition the display of partner solutions from EPMCONNECT to either PinPoint or Solutions Market Place. Solution Profiler will be used as the primary source for these solution systems. The migration from EPMCONNECT will happen during September.

Solution Profiler enables partners to enter a ‘primary’ solution description.   If this is a non-English description, the partner can also add an English language version.   Sites that present solutions profiled in Solution Profiler can choose to use any version or combination of the solution description.   

Pinpoint delivers sites by geography, we eagerly anticipate it being rolled out across the world as they continue to build sites across additional subsidiary locations.    Ask your subsidiary what their PinPoint plans are.    

For a complete global view, Solution Profiler offers the Solution Marketplace.In addition, MS Product groups and subsidiaries offer ~200 catalogs of solutions from Solution Profiler; these maybe global in reach or subsidiary specific sites.     

The best way to get answers to your Pinpoint questions is to use their on-line contact tool:  

To transition and progress, partners are advised to reference the following Blog post with regards to getting their solutions public and into PinPoint or Solutions Finder,

In the meantime all solution updates will be frozen on EPMCONNECT as we migrate over during the month of September.

Further announcements about the next generation EPMCONNECT will be made after the Project Conference.

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