Update on Project 2010 Readiness for Partners

Print The limited private invitation for Technical Preview has formally been closed. All keys have been allocated, any spare keys allocated to the wait list will be distributed over the next two weeks. No further submissions will be processed. If you desire access to Project 2010, but don't have a technical preview key we will provide the following.

Go to the deep dive on Project 2010 for partners will be at the “Airlift” at the Project Conference.  See http://blogs.msdn.com/chrisfie/archive/2009/08/19/microsoft-project-2010-ignite-training-in-phoenix-sep-13-14-last-call.aspx. Get registered soon if you intend coming,  this event is reaching capacity.

2010 content will also be present as part of the main Project Conference and there are seats available for this. http://www.msprojectconference.com/registration.html Check out some of the great sessions at http://www.msprojectconference.com/sessions.html#Product

We will also broadcast further 2010 roadmap activities for partners during the period of the Project Conference.

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