How do you turn a lead into a customer?

Enterprise Demand Generation Engine (EDGE)

Interview with NicheCubed the vendor behind EDGE.

Revenue, profit, customer satisfaction and retention are the ultimate goals of any Enterprise Demand Generation Engine. How do you turn a lead into a customer?  How can you drive long-term customer loyalty with each transaction?  Answering these questions requires both a keen understanding of your market and the successful execution of demand generation programs.

A Microsoft sponsored EDGE Campaign incorporates the following elements:

Generate - identify and qualify leads for MS and Partners via telesales approach

Accelerate - propose, agree on and activate campaign plans quickly and effectively using the EDGE methodology

Integrate - MS and the Partners working together to leverage the process, identify possible GTM alignments and report on the results

Close the Deal - case studies of past campaigns, resulting market data and campaign resources

EDGE is a telesales-based program that's designed to deliver qualified sales opportunities for your solutions.  EDGE campaigns enable selected Enterprise Partners to engage with Microsoft on joint sales activities and benefit from Microsoft's brand strength and marketing reach by tying in with relevant customer campaigns.

Enrollment in the Microsoft EDGE program is by invitation only. Please contact your Microsoft representative for more information.

For more information, email the EDGE team -


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