Deploying Custom .MSU Updates with SCCM (and SCUP)

  The Problem: Local Publishing of .MSU files by using System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP Version 4.5 or 2011) is not possible. It is not supported by the WSUS product team. Is is not an SCCM issue. The WSUS services is designed to only import and trust .MSU files which are coming from the Microsoft…


SCCM Report Cannot be Displayed–Error 500

  Just a quick note on this case: If you try to open a SCCM report, you might get an generic HTTP 500 error. Most likely, the problem is tied to the different report limitations in both: SCCM and IIS. A: The SCCM reporting point has a 10.000 rows limit. This limit can be expanded…


SCCM PXE Network Boot Process

  Architecture detection using wdsnbp A SCCM PXE-Handshake with architecture detection uses an additional step. Before sending the final bootstrap file, the SCCM server sends out a bootstrap file which has an included architecture detection. The file is called „“. This is necessary, because the architecture information provided by the smbios is not very reliable….


DHCP & PXE basics

  A DHCP Handshake runs through the following steps: DHCP The complete traffic runs on UDP User Datagram Protocol (OSI Layer 4) Discover · Client broadcast: asks for IP address · In the network trace you see a call from to · Runs on port 67 UDP DHCP Offer · DHCP server response…


Coexistence of Altiris and SCCM PXE Servers Within The Same Network

  The question is: Is it possible to have an Altiris and an SCCM PXE server within the same network with the target to serve some clients with Altiris and others with SCCM? The answer is: Yes, but not easy. The problem is that both systems are sending out custom bootstrap files that have to…


Disk Alignment on Windows 7 for normal disks and SSDs

  For RAID Systems: The alignment topic is only relevant when using stripe-sets of disk for example within a software or hardware raid. What needs to be aligned is the starting location of the partition and the stripe unit boundary in the disk partition that is created on the RAID. If these are not aligned,…