Updates fail to install


1. Make a copy of the folder “system32\CCM\Logs” and store it as a zip file for further investigation of the engineering team.

2. Review log file execmgr.log within CCM\logs, to see, WHY the advertisement was not started. If the log shows, that the update package has the wrong version, maybe the package was changed and the advertisement from the last package version is still active. In this situation, the client would state the package to be the wrong version although it contains the needed files.

3. If the execmg and ccmexec are unable to run the files within the client cache the files maybe got corrupted or are missing signature. You could clear the client cache using the script and re-download the fixes.

4. Check for Errors within the important CCM log files:

a. UpdateDeployment.log – main updater process; triggers other components

b. UpdateStore.log – compliance of updates during scan phase

c. UpdateHandler.log – information about update installation process

d. WUAHandler.log – talks to the WUAserv

e. SDMagent.log – shared log with DCM. Shows information about update compliance. (check against CIs)

f. CIagent.log – remediation and compliance

5. Check for Errors within WindowsUpdate.log (from WUAserv)

6. If the patches are not installable at all, you can proceed with OS troubleshooting. On Windows XP/2003 the KBxxxxx.logs could help. On Windows Vista CBS.log should help.


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  1. Roger Levine no1skiper@hotmail.com says:

    unable to download updates .dll file has error

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