Introducing Hierarchical Provisioning

Yesterday I was eating my bowl of Frosted Miniwheats (by Kellogg) for dinner  and out fell a coupon for another free box of Miniwheats. “Oh hot lam!” I exclaimed to myself. I had totally not seen the offer stamped on the front of the box for a free box of Miniwheats when I had purchased…


Topics Wanted!

The hardest part of this blog is finding topics to write about that would be interesting and useful to the community at large. If you have a topic or a question that you want to see addressed on this blog, please email me and I will see if I can post something up for it.


Dependencies – not just for avoiding taxes!

What’s our name again? Whoa, new product name! For those of you who have been chasing butterflies for the past month, what was once known to us as Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” is now called Forefront Identity Manager.  I know, it’s not the sexiest name in the world and is probably the 5th different name…