Forefront Identity Manager 2010 has shipped!!

I’m happy to announce that FIM 2010 is now available for customers.  You can read the Forefront blog post here:  


Run on Policy Update – Retroactive Policy Enforcement

Somewhat hidden within Forefront Identity Manager 2010, there is a very useful feature for action workflows called “Run on Policy Update”.  Here are the situations where you may find this feature useful: 1.  You are creating a new Management Policy Rule (MPR), such as one to provision all users an AD account, and you want…



As a lot of you may already know, after 4 years of working on MIIS / ILM / FIM I’ve decided to leave Microsoft. No, I’m not being fired, nor am I jumping ship to a competitor 🙂 Rather I am leaving Microsoft to pursue a MBA at Columbia starting this fall.  If I have…


Opening the mailbox:

 Question from one of our readers:   From: Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 11:06 AMTo: Bobby GillSubject: (Bobby and Nima’s Forefront Identity Manager Blog) : Question about FIM/OutlookImportance: High     Good afternoon Bobby and Nima’s.   I read your blog often as I await the release of MMS…I mean MIIS…I mean ILM…I mean FIM…


Introducing Hierarchical Provisioning

Yesterday I was eating my bowl of Frosted Miniwheats (by Kellogg) for dinner  and out fell a coupon for another free box of Miniwheats. “Oh hot lam!” I exclaimed to myself. I had totally not seen the offer stamped on the front of the box for a free box of Miniwheats when I had purchased…


Topics Wanted!

The hardest part of this blog is finding topics to write about that would be interesting and useful to the community at large. If you have a topic or a question that you want to see addressed on this blog, please email me and I will see if I can post something up for it.


Dependencies – not just for avoiding taxes!

What’s our name again? Whoa, new product name! For those of you who have been chasing butterflies for the past month, what was once known to us as Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” is now called Forefront Identity Manager.  I know, it’s not the sexiest name in the world and is probably the 5th different name…


XPath Filter Dialect: Examples

The product team and I just wrapped up our week at the TechReady event in Seattle.  Bobby presented an excellent session on codeless provisioning, focusing on configuration and tips and tricks, and I presented a session on workflow and activity extensibility in ILM “2”.  We also had the opportunity to solicit feedback about the product from…


XPath Filter Dialect: Fundamentals

ILM “2” provides a Web Service Enumeration (WS-Enumeration) end point by which client applications can run queries and retrieve the results. Please refer to Joe Schulman’s excellent extensibility blog for more details on using the WS-Enumeration end point in ILM “2”. This blog focuses on the XPath Filter Dialect, which you can use to create…


ILM "2" also comes as a hybrid…

For those of you who are MIIS / ILM 2007 pros, when seeing the Codeless Provisioning functionality one of the first questions that comes to mind is “can I use my existing rules extension in ILM “2”?”. Of course. At a basic level, with ILM “2” RC, you can take an existing ILM 2007 deployment…