KB Article Published for OCS and .NET Framework 4.0 Issues

A knowledge base article has been published with a workaround to the issues seen when trying to install OCS on a computer that has been updated to .NET Framework 4.0.  You can find all of the details and the steps to correct the issue here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2224981

Issue with Federation Only Working in One Direction

I ran into this issue with a couple of customers recently while troubleshooting federation issues.  The issue was that Company A and Company B set up federation with each other.  Both companies could see the presence for the other.  A user in Company A could send an IM to a user in Company B, and the user in…


Do I Really Need to be a Domain Admin to Install CWA?

This question came up from a customer who was looking to install CWA without having to be a member of the Domain Admins group.  The documentation and the GUI says that you need to be a member of the Domain Admins group, but what do we really use it for? We use the Domain Admins group…

What Rights in SQL are Needed for DBAnalyze to Work?

I see this come up a lot when doing OCS Health Checks.  Part of the Health Check is looking at information from DBAnalyze.  If you get the following error, more than likely the account you’re trying to use doesn’t have the necessary rights to the SQL databases: There was an error communicating with the database:The…

Do NOT Apply KB974571 to LCS/OCS Servers

Update – Please see the “Known issues that affect this security update” section in KB974571 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/974571/) for information on resolving this issue. <Removed rest of post, as the above KB article contains all relevant information>


Configure the Domains that User Replicator Searches

Update 6/19/12 – Updated post with cmdlet for Lync Server 2010. A common issue that occurs in a multi-domain forest, is that most of the time, not all of your domains contain users that are going to be SIP-enabled.  Unfortunately, when User Replicator runs, it tries to connect to all domains in the forest to…


How to Verify if Schema Prep Completed Successfully

Update 5/3/15 – Added Skype for Business Server 2015 greenfield schema version.Update 11/26/12 – Updated Lync Server 2013 schema version for RTM.Update 7/19/12 – Added Lync Server 2013 schema version.Update 10/6/10 – Added Lync Server 2010 schema version. Verifying that SchemaPrep completed successfully before turning back on outbound replication on the Schema Master in AD is always a good…


OCS Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Similar to the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer, the OCS Remote Commectivity Analyzer will help administrators troubleshoot Edge server issues. Give it a try at: https://www.TestOcsConnectivity.com

How to Move OCS Enterprise SQL Database to another Server

The first step is to stop all of the OCS services on all of the servers in the pool.  Next you will want to backup the existing databases (rtc, rtcconfig, and rtcdyn).  Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the instance that holds the OCS databases.  Right click on each and go to Tasks >…


How to Change the Shared Folder Location for an OCS Enterprise Pool

If you need to change the location where you originally configured the OCS shares, there are a couple of steps that you need to follow.  One reason to change the location is if you originally configured the shares to be on your Front-End server in an Enterprise Pool.  Although this technically will work, it is not…