Issues with MRAS and Limited External Calling

This week I ran into two interesting issues, both around MRAS and the clients displaying Limited External Calling.  So what is MRAS anyway?  MRAS (Media Relay Authentication Service) is a service on the Edge Server that is responsible for providing credentials to clients in order for them to be able to request ports and establish…


How to Get a List of Client Versions and the Users Logged into Them

Another question that comes up from customers, especially when we're talking about migrations and updating clients, is how do I figure out which users are running the old version of the client?  You can run the following queries* to pull back the user's SIP URI and the client version that they're signed into: For Lync…


How to Get the Last Time a User Registered with a Front End

Update 10/31/13 – Added an additional SQL query if you have the Monitoring Server available. A question that comes up from customers from time to time is how do I get a list of what users are actually using OCS/Lync?  While there’s no built in report to easily tell you what users are actually signing…


Issue with A/V Session with Remote or Federated User

I’ve run into this with a couple of customers recently.  The issue is that when trying to establish a media session, either Audio, Video, or Desktop Sharing, with a remote or federated user the session fails.  With an internal user, everything works fine.  We verified that all of the server settings were correct (Global Settings had…


Issue with Remote User Access for Clients using Windows XP and Windows 2008 R2 Front Ends

I was helping to troubleshoot an issue where users were unable to login via Remote User Access using the Edge server.  They were able to successfully login from inside the network, but externally, the client would come back with an error.  We made sure that the user account was enabled for Remote User Access and that…


July 2010 Cumulative Update for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Temporarily Unavailable

9/24/2010 – The September 2010 Cumulative Updates have been released.  This update includes the fix for Response Groups.  You can download the updates here: From Next Hop: Due to recent discoveries in the July 2010 Cumulative Update for Office Communications Server 2007 R2, it is necessary to remove this update from the download site…


OCS 2007 R2 PIC with AOL on Windows 2008 R2

I was troubleshooting PIC connectivity with a customer recently and we ran into an issue when following the steps in Scott Oseychik’s blog post on changing the cipher suite order (  I’ve used the steps outlined in the blog post on Windows 2008 before, but never on Windows 2008 R2.  It just so happened that…


Errors When Running OCS 2007 R2 Cumulative Update Installer

I was installing the latest ServerUpdateInstaller.exe updates on an OCS server the other day when I got the following dialog box:  Normally ServerUpdateInstaller runs without any issues, so I was curious what caused the error.  Looking at the ocspatchinstallerlog.txt file, I found that OCSCore.msp is the patch that reported the error.  Looking in the OCSCore.msplog…


Installing OCS 2007 R2 to a Named Instance of SQL on a Dynamic Port

Note: The article below should be taken as an example of what is possible and is not necessarily representative of a supported solution.  Please verify that this is a supported solution before implementing in a production environment. I was testing a scenario where I needed to install OCS onto a named instance of SQL where the…


KB Article Published for OCS and .NET Framework 4.0 Issues

A knowledge base article has been published with a workaround to the issues seen when trying to install OCS on a computer that has been updated to .NET Framework 4.0.  You can find all of the details and the steps to correct the issue here: