Do I really need ports 50,000-59,999 open in OCS 2007 R2?

This is copied straight from the TechNet article posted here,   The A/V Edge service requires the port range from 50,000 through 59,999 to be open outbound for TCP for federation. Additionally, if you will be federating with organizations that run Office Communications Server 2007 and earlier, you must open this 50,000 to 59,999…

"The input file is not a valid PKCS#7 file."??

I ran across this issue while trying to process an offline certificate request on a OCS 2007 R2 Edge server.  The certificate was issued from Comodo.  When we tried to process the pending request using the OCS Certificate Wizard, we would get the following error: “The input file is not a valid PKCS#7 file.” The solution,…


OCS 2007 R2 Virtualization Support

Take a look at the following post that describes what roles we support virtualized.


OCS 2007 R2 Supported Server Role Collocation

I just wanted to quickly point out this article on TechNet that does a really good job of showing which roles you can collocate when deploying R2.

How to Change the Shared Folder Location for an OCS Enterprise Pool

If you need to change the location where you originally configured the OCS shares, there are a couple of steps that you need to follow.  One reason to change the location is if you originally configured the shares to be on your Front-End server in an Enterprise Pool.  Although this technically will work, it is not…


Exchange 2010 Beta Released

The Exchange 2010 Beta was released just the other day.  I encourage everyone to read more about all the new features and improvements that we’ve made here: Just some of the cool new features: No more Storage Groups No more LCR/CCR/SCR New, simplified high availability with Database Availability Groups All new Outlook Web Access, and…

How to Force User Replicator Regeneration

If you are troubleshooting a User Replicator issue, here’s an easy way to force User Replicator to run without have to restart any services on your Front-End server.  To force User Replicator to run, you will need to make the change in WMI. First you need to go to Start > Run > wbemtest Click ConnectFor…


Edge Planning Tool for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Released

If you’re thinking about deploying the Edge server role for OCS 2007 R2, then you need to take a look at the Edge Planning Tool.  It takes a lot of the complexity out of planning/configuring an Edge server. You can download it here:

How to Determine What Version of LCS or OCS You Have Installed

Here’s an easy way to figure out exactly what version of LCS or OCS you have installed. For LCS or OCS, check the following key:HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Real-Time Communications\{92AC8981-AAD9-4391-8563-92E558EEF4C6} For OCS 2007 R2, check the following key:HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Real-Time Communications\{A593FD00-64F1-4288-A6F4-E699ED9DCA35} Possible Values: ServerSE – Standard EditionEE – Enterprise Edition TypeVolume – Volume License EditionEval – Evaluation EditionMSDN – MSDN Edition…