Skype for Business Server Installer Now Checks for Updates

A new addition in Skype for Business Server is the ability for the installer to check to see if any updates have been released, then download and install them during the installation of Skype for Business Server.  This is very similar to what newer versions of SQL Server do during their installation process.  When you launch the setup for Skype for Business Server, you will see the following:

The installer will connect to the Internet and check for any updates for Skype for Business.  If there are updates, they will be downloaded.  If not, you can continue on with the installation:


This will be a welcome addition to anyone who will be doing a bunch of installs of Skype for Business Server.

Comments (3)

  1. Amanda Debler says:

    Except for those of us in environments where any server not in the DMZ (so, anything that’s not an Edge server) is not allowed to touch the Internet…

  2. dodeitte says:

    @Amanda Debler

    Unfortunately that is correct. The installer is connecting to Windows Update on the Internet.

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