Lync Server 2013 December 2014 Cumulative Update, Lync Web App & Google Chrome

Update 1/6/15 - Added link to cumulative update that resolves this issue.
Update 12/27/14 - Added additional information on the change to Lync Web App.

Update 12/17/14 - Added link to KB article.

After applying the Lync Server 2013 December 2014 Cumulative Update, if a user using Google Chrome tries to use the Lync Web App to join a Lync meeting, they will get the following message:

Google Chrome no longer supports Lync Web App

Google is making multiple changes to the Chrome browser which affect the plug-in used by the Lync Web App (LWA) to provide a rich meeting experience including audio, video, and content sharing from the browser.  These changes include discontinuing 32-bit Chrome support for Mac, and discontinuing support for the so-called "Netscape Plug-in API" (or NPAPI) commonly used by browser plugins.  Microsoft is making changes to the Lync Web App to reduce the impact of these Google changes on our customers.  For now, users will need to use Internet Explorer or Firefox if they would like to join the Lync meeting using Lync Web App.


This issue has been resolved in the latest cumulative update for Lync Server 2013.  You can download the latest updates here.

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  1. dodeitte says:

    I updated the post with additional information on why this change was made.

  2. dodeitte says:

    I updated the post with a link to the latest CU that resolves this issue.

  3. Korbyn says:

    Not Google related, not that I know of anyway… But the only site I’ve deployed the Dec update had their Presence and Display name broken for Lync compatible phone (Polycom VVX 410/600’s and SNOM 760). Had to remove the updates to get things working again.
    Case is opened with MS and they have tonnes of logs, with and without the update to pour through.

    I too would like to know more information about the Google non-support. Is it in the future that Google won’t be capable of supporting LWA, cause why is it only that only with the Dec update then that it doesn’t work…

  4. Richard says:

    Is this the fault of Google, or MS, or both (lack of cooperation between the 2 behemoths)?

    Was there any proper warning spread by MS and properly communicated to Lync admins over the planet before issuing such a drastic change? Was the Technet page supported browsers for LWA updated, and highlighted with red background color because this is something
    that was working 23 months before (since RTM 2012 September) but got broken the moment the CU is applied?

    Some of my questions are purely rhetoric (as I know already the answer: for example Technet page is outdated, no warning sign and says Chrome still supported for LWA: ).

  5. hm says:

    If that is a way to move users away from Google Chrome, I think it’s a wrong way..

  6. Tadas says:

    Opening meeting URL in Chrome showed me disable plugin mark next to bookmark star. Clicking on it and enabling plugin made it work again. Check that. (My Chrome version is 39.0.2171.95 m)

  7. David Ching says:

    This is so wrong, not supporting such a dominant browser.

  8. Ed says:

    Face it Google lovers, Microsoft doesn’t have to support everything Google has. You think Google supports Microsoft products the same way? I am guessing it is more like something that Google isn’t doing to follow standards. Does Google follow standards?
    Nope. If you install the Chrome browser in windows, it doesn’t require UAC as it installs into the user’s profile – not Program Files. That is two no-nos.

  9. snowblind says:

    While they may not get along… from a user perspective, we don’t care. If Microsoft wants Lync (or Skype for Business) to be a great communications product, they need to support the dominant browsers in the industry.

  10. Cletus Van Damme says:

    This is really not helpful… Can we at least have an explanation? I’ve spent a lot of time and effort pushing Lync as a highly interoperable and vendor agnostic solution, and I really believed that Microsoft had turned a corner on this. Is this the beginning
    of a new strategic direction or just down to a temporary technical issue?

  11. H says:

    Google no longer supports this feature; not vice versa. Microsoft would like to get its product in front of as many people as possible, as proven by their office apps on iOS and Android devices, Salesforce, and Dropbox compatibility.

  12. Tim says:

    Was going to move our 100 seats of Lync/Exchange 2013 to Office 365 after MS made repeated promises of cross-platform compatibility directly to us. Obviously that’s not true- farewell Exchange and Lync, MS I’m kicking you to the curb.

    Want a platform that works on any major OS and Platform (including linux and mac), checkout Google Apps.

  13. Peter says:

    Google seems to do whatever they want, including making Chrome do whatever works for them. They are an advertising company driven by clicks.

  14. alex says:

    >Google no longer supports this feature; not vice versa.
    Google does not support HTML5, H264 and streaming audio? What a plot twist! I bet they switched to Internet Explorer!

  15. dg says:

    The kb link is broken

  16. tom says:

    Alex, the Lync Web App has been around for a while, and uses some older – stable and well supported until now – APIs. Google is dropping support for the APIs used by LWA in the new version of Chrome. Microsoft is re-writing LWA to accommodate this change.
    Microsoft is, in my opinion, doing some forward thinking here by displaying a "not supported" message rather than just having the connection fail, causing a miserable experience for the user.

    Options are to not update Chrome until LWA is updated, or to use IE, Firefox, or the Lync client.

  17. RC says:

    Can you at least return the link within Chrome to launch the meeting via the Lync client.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In this post, I discussed the new behavior when using Google Chrome to join a Lync meeting. An update

  19. Chris says:

    What if you’re running Office 365 and therefore Microsoft are hosting everything for you on their servers? Just have to wait until they fix something?

  20. Jon Lee says:

    They were warned over a year ago that support would be dropped.

  21. Osip Mikunis says:

    Google has broken this again since Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m.
    Microsoft has officially dropped support for 32-bit Chrome LWA in Lync 2013 Server:

    Skype for Business 2015 Server is projected to support this plugin:

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