Lync Server 2013 December 2014 Cumulative Update, Lync Web App & Google Chrome

Update 1/6/15 – Added link to cumulative update that resolves this issue.Update 12/27/14 – Added additional information on the change to Lync Web App.Update 12/17/14 – Added link to KB article. After applying the Lync Server 2013 December 2014 Cumulative Update, if a user using Google Chrome tries to use the Lync Web App to join…


Issue with Lync Conversation Window Extension

I had a customer question the other day that I hadn't seen before.  The issue was that people were noticing that every time when they initiated an IM conversation to a specific user, they would get the following in the IM window: Context not supported: this conversation includes context which requires a Microsoft Lync plug-in….


Issue Installing SQL Server 2012 Express Instances on Lync Server 2013

I ran into this issue at a customer recently.  The Lync Server 2013 Deployment Wizard would throw an error while trying to install SQL Server 2012 Express: Checking prerequisite SqlInstanceRtc…installing…failure code -2067922934Prerequisite installation failed: SqlInstanceRtc Clicking on View Log didn't tell us a lot either: Note: You may need to click on the image above…


How to Remove Legacy OCS Dial-in Simple URL from Lync Server

If you've migrated to Lync Server from a previous version of OCS, you may have noticed that you might have an additional simple URL configured.  You can see this in the Lync Server Control Panel under Topology > Simple URL: Note: You may need to click on the image above in order to read the…


Issue Installing August 2014 Cumulative Update for Microsoft Lync Server 2013

You may encounter an issue while trying to install the August 2014 Cumulative Update for Microsoft Lync Server 2013 on a computer with just the Lync Server Core Components and/or Lync Server Administration Tools installed.  In the screenshot below, you can see that I only have the Lync Server Core Components and Lync Server Administration Tools…


Issue Adding Users to Persistent Chat Rooms

I had a question from a customer recently that was having issues adding users to Persistent Chat rooms.  When they tried to add a user, they would get the following error: Invalid members: <user> Checking the category that the room is a member of shows that they added the Domain Users group as an allowed member:…


Issue Completely Disabling Photos in Lync 2013

I had a customer request recently to be able to completely disable photos for some users in Lync 2013.  They didn't want photos to show up anywhere in the Lync 2013 client for these users.  It sounded like an easy enough request, however, it turned out not to be.  Photos in this environment would be…


How to Get Office Web Apps Server 2013 to Report a Healthy Health Status

I see this a lot in customer environments with Office Web Apps Server 2013 deployed for use with Lync Server 2013, where if you run the Get-OfficeWebAppsMachine cmdlet, the HealthStatus parameter is Unhealthy: However, even though Office Web Apps Server 2013 reports as unhealthy, as far as Lync Server 2013 is concerned, everything is working…


How to Enable Detailed Logging in Lync Web App

I was troubleshooting an issue with media connectivity in Lync Web App and needed to gather additional information on what was happening with the Lync Web App.  By default LWA logs some basic information.  Unfortunately this didn't tell me what I needed.  In order to get more detailed logs from LWA, you just need to…


How to Get a List of Explicit Chat Room Members and Managers

You can use the query* below to get a list of explicit permissions assigned in Group Chat or Persistent Chat: SELECT tblNode.nodeName AS "Category/Channel",tblPrincipal.prinName AS "Name",CASE tblPrincipalType.ptypeDescWHEN 'Parlano.Server.Common.User' THEN 'User'WHEN 'Parlano.Server.Common.ExternalUser' THEN 'External User'WHEN 'Parlano.Server.Common.FederatedUser' THEN 'Federated User'ELSE tblPrincipalType.ptypeDescEND AS "Type",CASE isMember WHEN 1 THEN 'Y' ELSE 'N' END AS "Member",CASE isManager WHEN 1 THEN…