Issue with Presence Not Updating Based on Free/Busy After Applying September 2013 Cumulative Update

Update 11/10/13 - This issue has been resolved with the release of the November 2013 Cumulative Update.  You can get more information here.

With the release of the September 2013 Cumulative Update for the Lync 2013 client, there is a known issue with presence not updating based on the user's free/busy status from their Exchange calendar.  You can find more information about the issue in KB2883716.  This issue will be fixed in a future update.

Comments (7)

  1. dodeitte says:

    @Matthew Sekol

    Currently there's no release date for when an update that fixes this issue will be available.  There is no workaround other than to not deploy the update.  If this is a deployment blocker, I would recommend opening a support case so that the impact of this issue can be gathered for the product group.

  2. dodeitte says:


    I'm not sure exactly what's changed, but I know it doesn't include a fix for the Exchange free/busy issue.

  3. Matthew Sekol says:

    Any update on the release date for the new update? We're stuck on deployment right now. We're having an issue that the September CU fixes, but if we run it, presence breaks.

    Is there at least a workaround?

  4. Henry says:

    Hi Doug, It appears that this url…/2825630 which originally had the title "Description of the Lync 2013 update 15.0.4535.1002: September 20, 2013" has been changed to :Description of the Lync 2013 update 15.0.4535.1510: October 8, 2013". Do you have any idea what technical changes have occurred in this new version? The KB article does not contains details of what changed or why the same KB number was reused for a different Lync hotfix version.

  5. an says:

    will the issue fixed?

  6. dodeitte says:


    This issue has been resolved with the release of the November 2013 Cumulative Update.  You can get more information here:…/issue-with-presence-not-updating-based-on-free-busy-after-applying-september-2013-cumulative-update-part-2.aspx

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