Change in Lync 2013 Taskbar Icon

Update 9/20/13 - With the release of the September 2013 Cumulative Update, the icon has reverted back.  You can get more information here.

With the release of Security update for Lync 2013: July 2013, there is a change to the icon used for Lync 2013 in the notification area of the taskbar.  Instead of the icon showing the current presence state, after applying KB2817465, the icon will now look like the following:

Hovering over the icon will show your current presence state:

Comments (9)

  1. Nope, don't like that change. And this feature change is a required component of fixing the vuln?

  2. shawn harry says:

    Presumably this is inline with the corporate branding for Lync. I don't mind it. Although it doesn't show your presence status as before. Also sightly perplexed as to why a 'security' update has so many new features in.

  3. irritated says:

    This change is absurd.  Users now have to move the mouse and wait for hover to see their status instead of a millisecond glance with their eyes.  I don't see the efficiency at all.  And I agree, why is this part of a "security" update?

  4. Craig says:

    Another vote for a completely ass backwards change. Microsoft is pretty good at fixing what isn't broken.

  5. Damien Margaritis says:

    Agreed. The only way to see presence now without hovering is to A) not use small taskbar buttons and B) uncheck "Minimize to the notification area instead of the task bar" option from the Lync client. Not a fan of either setting, or anything that uses my taskbar space that is not mission critical.

  6. George says:

    I agree stupid change that should not have been done in a security fix. It's the same old force feed the changes to us just like win 8

  7. Ivailo says:

    "Microsoft is pretty good at fixing what isn't broken."

    Agree! Stupid decision…

  8. Alex Ball says:

    Agreed – a move away from the notification area and back to the task bar. Stupid, just leave it MS sheesh!

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