Where is the Lync 2013 Tracing Folder?

I went to look for the client uccapilog file, but it wasn't in the location I was expecting.  In previous versions of Communicator and Lync 2010, the client tracing folder was stored in:


In Lync 2013, the client tracing folder in now stored in the following location:


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  1. dodeitte says:


    The log files are overwritten every time the Lync 2013 client is launched.  However, there is a Lync-UccApi-x.UccApilog.bak file that persists.  If you leave the Lync 2013 client running for awhile, you'll notice that the .UccApilog file will roll over to a new file at 50MB, so you can have multiple .UccApilog files in the Tracing directory.

  2. Yes, because Lync 2013 is now integrated in Office 2013, so the path also for the User configuration is changed to the office path C:Users<username>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice15.0Lync

  3. Deb says:

    Do you know how often this log is over written?

  4. Adam Grinfeld says:

    Guys, I have an annoying problem, my phone in the Lync which I’m using as frontend for Communicator server is stuck on an older extension I used to occupy. now I’m not able to delete this extension from my Lync and that actually publishes in the outlook
    too… Can anyone help?

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