OCS Threshold Files for PAL Available

Update 11/19/13 - Lync Server 2010 threshold files for PAL are available here and Lync Server 2013 threshold files for PAL are available here.

With the release of PAL, OCS threshold files are now included.  The threshold files are specifically for OCS 2007 R2, although most of the counters are the same for R1.  I've broken the files up by role to make it easier to look at just the specific counters you want to.  Files are included for the following roles:

  • Archiving
  • CWA
  • Edge
  • Enterprise Edition Front-End
  • Mediation
  • Monitoring
  • Standard Edition Front-End

I'm interested in feedback on the threshold files, the counters that are included, and the thresholds that are set.  You can use the contact information in the threshold files to send your feedback to me.

You can download the latest version of PAL here: http://pal.codeplex.com/

Comments (3)

  1. santosh says:

    Great !! I was waiting for this when can we expect thresholds for Lync Server 2010

  2. Keith K says:

    Thanks Doug.  I would also bee looking forward to the Lync 2010 thresholds.

  3. Kirk L says:

    Any chance we can get some Lync 2013 threshold files ?

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