Chaining Multiple STS

A few month ago I learned something about claims based authentication that I thought was not possible. Ever since starting working on federation solutions, and learning about it via training courses, reading white papers, specifications and presentations the following two topologies were always shown or discussed. The first one is where company has its own…


Authentication Assurance and Claims Based Authentication

Authentication Mechanism Assurance is described in the following Microsoft publication: In this post I want to dig a bit more into different configuration options, show how it works and provide example of how it can be configured with AD FS 2. Authentication Mechanism Assurance is a new feature in Windows 2008 R2 AD DS…


Secure Application Access by using AD FS and UAG – UAG acting as ADFS Proxy Topology

In the previous post I showed to you how UAG can be used with ADFS to publish Claims aware application and provide single sign-on into  such applications along with traditional applications which require UserID/password. In that demonstration UAG was configured with Form Based Authentication (FBA) and user was authenticating to UAG before they could get…


NIST Released 2 Draft Document on Cloud Security

NIST just released 2 draft documents on Cloud Security Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing: SP 800-144  (DRAFT) NIST Definition of Cloud Computing: SP 800-145 (DRAFT)