Secure Application Access by using AD FS and UAG – UAG acting as ADFS Proxy Topology

In the previous post I showed to you how UAG can be used with ADFS to publish Claims aware application and provide single sign-on into  such applications along with traditional applications which require UserID/password. In that demonstration UAG was configured with Form Based Authentication (FBA) and user was authenticating to UAG before they could get access to actual applications.

Today’s demonstration shows a different UAG/ADFS topology, with UAG configured as ADFS proxy is exposes ADFS server for authentication and then it can provide you with UAG portal or directly route to the target application.

This demonstration was created to satisfy the following requirements for our fictitious Woodgrove Bank Corp:

  • Woodgrove Bank must provide secure access to documents on its Extranet SharePoint site to remote employees.
  • SharePoint site was designed to accept Claims based authentication.
  • Woodgrove Bank plans to allow access to SharePoint site to its partners using Claims based Federation technologies.
  • Limit access to client computers that do not meet the company policy.

You can  also watch this demo on my blog at

As always, for best user experience please watch this demo in Full screen and enable HD. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting information. Has anyone done a ACS, ADFS, UAG to Sharepoint configuration?

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