More options with Re-Revocation solution

  Controlling the date In previous post I’ve shown how we can re-revoke all certificates that were revoked post certain date. Solution used to create certutil.exe command with hardcoded date. To automate this solution we need to generate dynamic date.   The following script will create input file with serial numbers of revoked certificates in…


Re-Revoking Certificates with Different Reason Code

  One of my customers is using 3rd party Card Management System (CMS) to manage their smart cards. One of many common management tasks that such systems perform is revocation of the smart card and in particular the certificates issued to the given smart card. Well, of course CMS only originates the revocation request -…


Cool Windows 2008 posters

cool posters for download, check it out:  


TS Gateway #4

  Server side configuration In previous 3 postings I talked about why I liked TS gateway, the overall architecture for configuring TS Gateway in home lab environment and the client side configuration. This time I’ll show a few screen shots of the TS Gateway configuration. The configuration is very simple and one can figure it…


Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services gateway #3

  Client Side Configuration to access remote TS Server via TS Gateway Windows Vista Remote Desktop Connection client has new option under Advanced Tab – “Connect from anywhere”   If you click on the Settings button it will allow to specify the TS Gateway server: Server name that you type here must resolve to the…


Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Gateway #2

Configuration of the Terminal Services Gateway is fairly straightforward. The following diagram shows the simplified configuration of how I configured it to get access to my home lab.         Windows 2008 provides wizards for all of it different components and the configuration of Terminal Services Gateway is probably the easiest in the…


Windows 2008 Terminal Services Gateway

One of the new exciting technologies that will be shipped with Windows 2008 Server is the Terminal Services Gateway. It is exciting not just because it will be used by many companies but because it can be used by many other technologists and make our life a little easier and more exciting. I like to…