Sierra Wireless threatens the norms of Cell Phones

BusinessWeek Online has a dispatch from the floor of ITU Telecom World (where High-Volume Exchange got a plug in Bill Gates’ keynote) which includes this, which I thought was interesting: But with a bit of help from Intel and Microsoft, Sierra Wireless is taking a big leap into handsets aimed at businesspeople. Its new Voq phone,…


Exchange 2003 Tools & Updates

From reading newsgroups and public lists, many Exchange customers aren’t aware of our Tools & Updates web page.  With Exchange 2003, we actually removed many of the tools from the CD and moved them to the web.  The reason is so that customers would have one place to go for the latest version of a support tool.   We…


Okay, Okay, some Exchange content

A new Exchange Hotfix is making the news right now.  It’s only for Exchange 5.5 servers, but you will want to evaluate whether or not you want to apply the hotfix before you start to have Outlook 2003 users (which launches Oct 21).  It does require a pretty complicated kind of rule to exist, so it should…


The importance of good HR

John Porcaro has an interesting insight about the importance of good recruiting.  When I was looking for a new job last (6 years ago), I sent a number of unsolicited resumes, and contacted two friends in companies, at Intel and Microsoft.  I never got a response from any of the unsolicited resumes, but the friend…


Yay Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has used his dotcom wealth to buy Landmark Theatres.  I’ve had an HDTV for a couple of years and have had an off-the-air and DirecTV HD receiver for about a year.  I appreciate what Mark has done with HDNet, although the content is still pretty weak across the board.  I can’t wait until we…


Life with Baby

The other interesting thing that’s gone on in the lives of my wife KC and I is that we had a baby, Jared, almost 4 months ago.  I won’t try to wax too poetic about what it’s like to have a first child, there’s a far wittier site about it than I could write. We…


The ramblings of a PHB

I’m trying to become a better people and product manager.  I think I’m OK now, but we can all stand to improve.  My manager has been suggesting books to me and I’m starting to actually read them.  The latest one I’ve read is Good to Great, (you can read some excerpts at FastCompany).  I highly…


Who is this guy?

So I’ve decided to set up a blog.  Who knows if anyone will read it.  But at least it gives me a chance to collect links that I will find interesting.  My name is David Lemson, I’m a manager in the Exchange product group.  I’ve worked at Microsoft and in Exchange for about 5 1/2…


Not an Onion headline

The Chicago Tribune (not the Onion) reports: DES MOINES, Iowa — Darden Restaurants Inc. Wednesday said it had replaced the head of Red Lobster, its biggest chain, after an all-you-can-eat crab promotion went awry.