Blogging from TechEd: Exchange SP1 and IMF released

I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere, but here’s one more link.  It was hard to sit on this as people were commenting their lament over not being able to get IMF, but trust me, it’s worth the wait.  You can find both SP1 and IMF linked off of, and here’s the IMF directly:….


Exchange Development at TechEd

What have I been spending my time on this week?  Polishing my presentation on Exchange Development!  I’m presenting a MSG330:Exchange Development at TechEd San Diego this year, 5:30 pm Wednesday, room 32AB for those of you who are attending.  Many of you have no doubt seen Mindy Martin give a presentation with the same name…


IMF settings

Several people have commented or emailed me asking me for my IMF settings, since I mentioned that I am using the IMF on my personal mail server.  There are basically three settings for IMF: The Spam Confidence Level threshold for acting at the gateway, as part of the SMTP conversation What to do if you…


ResolveP2 flags

In comments to my recent post on ResolveP2, several people asked me what the properties listed in;en-us;174755 meant in real terms.  So I asked an Exchange developer and got the answer: From that KB article:ADDRESS_CONVERT_SENDER decimal value 1 = From fieldADDRESS_CONVERT_SENT_REPRESENTING decimal value 2 = Used when a delegate is involved, this is who you…


ResolveP2, RerouteViaStore, and its equivalent in Exchange 2003

Recently I have encounted a number of people who asked what the ResolveP2 reg key in Exchange 5.5 was meant for, and how to emulate it in Exchange 2003. — ResolveP2 in Exchange 5.5 ResolveP2 tells the Exchange server “when the server is storing MIME content, and needs to convert it to MAPI properties, does…


Sharing a domain between two Exchange orgs

Luke asks: I am in the process of migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 for a company that has multiple small (less than 5 users) branch offices. They want to migrate slowly, so here’s my dilemma: The current Exchange 5.5 will still be active for a while. I’m using the Exchange Migration Wizard in…


How are you using the Windows 2003 POP Server, Part II

In a previous post, I asked people how they are using the Win2K3 POP server and what features they wish it had.  One thing I’d like to get, especially from people who posted that they do use it today, is some more details on why and how they are using it.  1) It seems to…


Essential Outlook 2003 document

One of the Outlook program managers just answered one of my questions with some info from an excellent new document that gives all kinds of details about how the client experience has been improved in Outlook 2003.  Curious about how RPC compression works, or what “buffer packing” is?  Do you want to know when Outlook…


Who is David Lemson?

I am a Group Program Manager in the Exchange product group.   I’ve worked in Exchange my entire time at Microsoft, since early 1998.  I’ve worked on quite a lot of different areas of Exchange in my time here: SMTP and mail routing, POP/IMAP, Exchange System Manager, Setup, usage of Active Directory, and more.  I have also…


How are you using the Windows 2003 POP3 Server?

I saw a link on the “hellomate“ MS Exchange blog to a post singing the praises of the POP3 Server that comes in Windows Server 2003 and it reminded me that I wanted to write about this and ask people to comment or write, and tell me what you are using the POP3 server for,…