Treo 650 and Exchange ActiveSync

I am sorely overdue in posting, and I apologize about that.  I will hide behind the sorry excuse that the vast majority of what I do nowadays is work on an upcoming release of Exchange that we aren't talking about yet, so I feel like I can't blog all that much about my current work.  But last week we had an exciting piece of news hit the world: we have licensed the Exchange ActiveSync protocol to palmOne and the new Treo 650 phone includes it in its VersaMail application.  This means that every Treo 650 phone, out of the box with no extra software, can be configured to sync email and calendar directly from an Exchange 2003 server.  This is super cool! 

You can read a lot more about this feature on the palmOne web site:

This announcement was made at CTIA Wireless last week, and there were a whole slough of other Windows Mobile device announcements as well, including several carriers announcing they will be carrying the "Blue Angel" device in the US.  This is a great device because it combines the full screen size of the current XDA/MDA/ T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition with a keyboard that slides open when you need to use it. 

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  1. M Freitas says:

    Actually the HTC Blue Angel is the GSM/GPRS version. The CDMA version (to be relase by Sprint as PPC-6600/PPC-6601 and by Carrier Devices as i-mate EVDO) is known as HTC Harrier.

  2. Do you know if Palm plans to license activesync for us on the Treo 600 as well?

  3. David Lemson says:

    Luke, I do not know if Palm plans to license/release ActiveSync for the Treo 600. You should ask them.

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