Blogging from TechEd: Exchange SP1 and IMF released

I'm sure you've read it elsewhere, but here's one more link.  It was hard to sit on this as people were commenting their lament over not being able to get IMF, but trust me, it's worth the wait.  You can find both SP1 and IMF linked off of, and here's the IMF directly:

Elsewhere at TechEd, the weather in San Diego makes the mood good.  The convention center is huge and thus makes the crowds seem not so big, because there is a lot of room for people to spread out.  We have a new concept this year called “cabanas” and it gives people a place to drop in, hang out, meet experts, and talk about their favorite topic (in the case of Cabana 10, it's Exchange!).  They're encouraging speakers to spend all of their free time there, so you can always find 5 or 10 Exchange product group team members there.  Drop by, I'll be there most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday (except during Dave Thompson's keynote on Tuesday morning, where they'll formally announce IMF release).

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  1. Bill Boswell says:

    Quick question on the IMF. I’ve seen a couple of references to the IMF being a Bayesian filter. I wonder if you could confirm this. If the IMF does use Bayesian logic, how does it get trained? After all, it does not accept input from users as to whether it guessed correctly about an SCL.

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