Blogging from TechEd: Exchange SP1 and IMF released

I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere, but here’s one more link.  It was hard to sit on this as people were commenting their lament over not being able to get IMF, but trust me, it’s worth the wait.  You can find both SP1 and IMF linked off of, and here’s the IMF directly:….


Exchange Development at TechEd

What have I been spending my time on this week?  Polishing my presentation on Exchange Development!  I’m presenting a MSG330:Exchange Development at TechEd San Diego this year, 5:30 pm Wednesday, room 32AB for those of you who are attending.  Many of you have no doubt seen Mindy Martin give a presentation with the same name…


IMF settings

Several people have commented or emailed me asking me for my IMF settings, since I mentioned that I am using the IMF on my personal mail server.  There are basically three settings for IMF: The Spam Confidence Level threshold for acting at the gateway, as part of the SMTP conversation What to do if you…