HP Exchange 2003 Academies

HP is starting a new round of Exchange 2003 Customer Academies and I wanted to give them some press, because I think they are a great way for customers to get deep knowledge about Exchange.  I was involved in the development of the first (then Compaq) Exchange 2000 Academy in 1999, and have known the HP Services people involved for several years.  They “test“ these academies by giving them to internal HP Services consultants first, and once they have the bugs worked out, they offer them to customers.  The HP services people involved are all some of the most expert people on Exchange outside of Microsoft, and I highly recommend going to these so you can pick their brains.   Plus, it's pretty fun to party with them.

The two coming up are:

Disclaimer: the experts in question have given me various dinners, bottles of French wine, rounds of drinks, etc. over the years but I assure you that I recommend them solely on their technical merit.

Comments (4)

  1. adam says:

    Much as I’d love to, I dont have the time 🙁

  2. adam says:

    I know this is an HP event but would the docs from this be available anywhere on corpnet?

  3. David Lemson says:

    No I don’t believe that they are available internally to Microsoft. Perhaps internally to HP :-).

  4. adam says:


    I’ll speak to some peeps over in Cupertino then 🙂

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