When dealing with attributes synced to O365 via FIM \ DirSync \ AAD Sync, you will frequently encounter the msExchRemoteRecipient type attribute, previously empty in on-prem Exchange (only msExchRecipientTypeDetails and msExchRecipientDisplayType had values) the msExchRemoteRecipientType will have the following values depending on the object type and how the mailbox and archive were enabled \ moved to O365....


1       Provisioned User Mailbox

3       Provisioned User Mailbox, Provisioned Archive

4       Migrated User Mailbox

6       Migrated User Mailbox, Archive created in cloud

20     Migrated User Mailbox, deprovisioned Archive

33     Provisioned Room Mailbox

36     Migrated Room Mailbox

65     Provisioned Equipment Mailbox

68     Migrated Equipment Mailbox

100   Shared Mailbox in EXO


* A big THANKS to Lou Mandich ( for helping me round up the missing #6 ...

Comments (5)

  1. Also…

    Provisioned Room Mailbox: 33
    Migrated Room Mailbox: 36
    Provisioned Equipment Mailbox: 65
    Migrated Equipment Mailbox: 68

    ….but for some reason, no option to provision a shared mailbox directly.

  2. Andrew says:

    How do i manually set the attribute to 3 using PowerShell? I’m having to do that to enable Archive mailboxes for mailboxes migrated to Exchange Online..

  3. Naveen kumar says:

    Set-RemoteMailbox testuser -RemoteRecipientType "ProvisionMailbox, ProvisionArchive"

  4. brian young says:

    sorry… i read and those are NOT the values for "msExchRemoteRecipientType" but for "msExchangeRecipientTypeDetails" instead

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