When dealing with attributes synced to O365 via FIM \ DirSync \ AAD Sync, you will frequently encounter the msExchRemoteRecipient type attribute, previously empty in on-prem Exchange (only msExchRecipientTypeDetails and msExchRecipientDisplayType had values) the msExchRemoteRecipientType will have the following values depending on the object type and how the mailbox and archive were enabled \ moved to O365….


3    ProvisionedMailbox, ProvisionedArchive (mailbox provisioned in Cloud & Archive provisioned in Cloud)* either via EMC or new-remotemailbox cmd

4    Migrated mailbox from on-prem

6    Migrated mailbox from on-prem, ProvisionedArchive in EXO (mailbox migrated from on-prem & archive provisioned in Cloud)

20   DeprovisionArchive, Migrated

100 Shared Mailbox in EXO


* A big THANKS to Lou Mandich ( for helping me round up the missing #6 …

Comments (5)

  1. Also…

    Provisioned Room Mailbox: 33
    Migrated Room Mailbox: 36
    Provisioned Equipment Mailbox: 65
    Migrated Equipment Mailbox: 68

    ….but for some reason, no option to provision a shared mailbox directly.

  2. Andrew says:

    How do i manually set the attribute to 3 using PowerShell? I’m having to do that to enable Archive mailboxes for mailboxes migrated to Exchange Online..

  3. Naveen kumar says:

    Set-RemoteMailbox testuser -RemoteRecipientType "ProvisionMailbox, ProvisionArchive"

  4. brian young says:

    sorry… i read and those are NOT the values for "msExchRemoteRecipientType" but for "msExchangeRecipientTypeDetails" instead

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