Win2012R2: STOP 0x139 or 0xD1 in NETIO!NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParametersEx+0x20d

Status: Resolved 150516: Finally: has the updated version. Please install at earliest convenience! 150512: to all affected, please bear with us a few more days, until the new release is out. This should be later this week, or early next week. As soon as the hotfix is available, I will update this post. 150501:…


Win2012R2: STOP 0xD1 in MsLbfoProvider!vmqcGetFirstMappedMNic+0xf

Status: Resolved 150312: Apologies for not updating this… the public release of this has slipped. The KB including this fix is 150115: The hotfix is scheduled for release in the February 2015 cycle. Hi All, back again after having been away for a long time… This time with a networking-related bugcheck, with the stack…


[RESOLVED] Win2012: STOP 0xD1 in MsLbfoProvider!lbfoSetMacAddrVmsPortMapping+b4

Status: Resolved   After installing the v1 version of the now infamous KB 2855336, your machine can crash with a STOP 0xD1 after performing a Live Migration (and when you’re using LBFO). This is documented in: 2866029 “0x000000D1” Stop error when you perform a live migration of a virtual machine on a Windows Server 2012-based cluster ..and…


[RESOLVED] Win2012: STOP 0xD1 in msdsm!DsmpQueryLoadBalancePolicy+2a1

Status: Resolved Note: the hotfix now also includes an update for Windows Server 2008 R2. 130624: over the past few months I’ve seen this bugcheck occur with quite a few customers so I figured perhaps it would help some of you out there as well… I’ve also added this as a response under Online Crash Analysis….


[RESOLVED] Win2008R2 RTM/SP1: STOP 0xD1 in storvsc!StorChannelVmbusCallback+0x2b5

Status: Resolved Update 120111: The update is now available from Download Center: Update 111102: The private has been approved, and we are working on the public hotfix now. Issue resolved, moving onto the next. 😉 Special thanks to Didier for the effort and cooperation! Update 111027: Privates for this issue are ready, and I…