The End of DiP

Hello All, This is the last post I will be writing on this blog. On 28th July 2015 I will leave Microsoft. Thank you, all who have read my posts, contacted me, and who worked with me on resolving some of the issue seen on this blog. All the best,\Rob


Win2012R2: STOP 0x139 or 0xD1 in NETIO!NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParametersEx+0x20d

Status: Resolved 150516: Finally: has the updated version. Please install at earliest convenience! 150512: to all affected, please bear with us a few more days, until the new release is out. This should be later this week, or early next week. As soon as the hotfix is available, I will update this post. 150501:…


Win2012R2: STOP 0xD1 in MsLbfoProvider!vmqcGetFirstMappedMNic+0xf

Status: Resolved 150312: Apologies for not updating this… the public release of this has slipped. The KB including this fix is 150115: The hotfix is scheduled for release in the February 2015 cycle. Hi All, back again after having been away for a long time… This time with a networking-related bugcheck, with the stack…


Win2008R2/Win7: STOP 0xF4 during Task Sequence / OS Deployment

Status: Resolved Update 150630: one of my colleagues mailed me additional info, see below under Additional. Recently I came across two very similar STOP 0xF4 cases, sent to me by ConfigMgr colleagues. When examining the dump, it became clear there was a problem with services.exe. In one dump it was still present while exiting, in the…


INFO: Capturing dumps of hung/frozen vms

150120: recently me and some colleagues have been seeing problems with vmss2core where created dmp files are 0 bytes in size. Looking at the comments section on it appears there are more people seeing this. I'm trying to get in touch with VMware to resolve this. This happens when converting 2012R2 dumps (for me…


Win2012R2: STOP 0x133 and STOP 0x9E caused by too many NBLs in a DPC

Status: in progress… Hi All, recently we have been seeing an increase in STOP 0x133 (on non-clustered) and 0x9E (on clustered) cases, where the root cause is that there are too many NBLs indicated in a DPC. This causes the DPC watchdog timer to expire, resulting in mentioned STOP errors. Part of an example stack is…