Ascentium Commerce Server 2009 and SharePoint 2010

Commerce Server 2009 R2 has now transitioned to Ascentium  - the company that purchased "Cactus Commerce".  Ascentium will be continuing the development of Commerce Server in the future, and will be directly engaging with existing Microsoft Commerce Server customers in order to continue to innovate the platform through the future.

The statement from Ascentium is as follows:

"Ascentium, a technology-enabled digital marketing agency is assuming all future product development, marketing, and support of Commerce Server, subsequent to the recently released Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 from Microsoft. In September, Ascentium acquired Cactus Commerce – Microsoft’s Commerce Server development partner for the last 4 years. Under that partnership, Microsoft released Microsoft Commerce Server 2009, Commerce Server 2009 R2 along with several service packs.

Ascentium is well poised to continue Commerce Server development efforts with a commitment to ongoing product investment and a customer-driven roadmap.  "

This means that Commerce Server will continue to be available to customers as part of the overall SharePoint direct technology and partner technology stack, and that Commerce solutions can be implemented on Sharepoint with Commerce Server 2009 now - with future product releases and additional features being created in future.


Are there other options for Commerce and SharePoint 2010? - yes, in theory SharePoint will cooperate with any virtually any other commerce server solution.  SharePoint would contain the detailed content, while the commerce component will handle payment and fulfilment.

Examples of other commerce solutions that will interoperate with SharePoint 2010 include:

As always - comments are welcomed, as are other links to other solutions not mentioned here.

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