Dashboards that enhance the book experience

Hi, I just wanted to provide you with a short update concerning the SCOM field experience eBook and the dashboards that complement it: – Wei has a new sample OS summary dashboard, which could be very beneficial with your tuning actions: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/wei_out_there_with_system_center/archive/2015/06/01/opsmgr-sample-os-summary-dashboard-with-blue-bar-columns.aspx – Approved has the new Health Check dashboard, which gives you a 1-page…


Data Warehouse logging improvements in OpsMgr 2012 R2 UR5 that help troubleshoot SQL time-out issues

Microsoft recently published a new KB article that contains information about the logging improvements that have been made in the System Center Operations Manager DataWarehouse where SQL time-out exceptions are concerned. This information should help you troubleshoot SQL time-out scenarios. For all the details please see the following: KB3029227 – How to troubleshoot SQL time-outs…


This file contained a virus and was deleted

When your Internet Explorer thinks that all files you download contain viruses, you have a problem. There are many posts about this all over the internet explaining the most complicated things. In my case, it was actually very easy: IE is not to blame, it was SCEP (System Center Endpoint Protection) – also known as your…


Operations Manager Tuning – the video explanation

Thanks to Jonas Lenntun from Approved Consulting AB http://www.approved.se/ in Sweden, you can now watch the recorded version of my presentation at the SCOM Days in Göteborg. It's a 45 minute presentation about the best practices in tuning your Operations Manager Environment and your management packs. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/GgLkscRz6oo