DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

Microsoft Platform Strategy and Vision for DevOps

A little while back we did a market research study “Why DevOps Matters” with Saugatuck Technologies. One interesting outcome what the desire of many respondents, large and small, to work off a single platform. A platform that allows for the integration of 3rd party tools and products. While vendor lock in seems to be an… Read more

Must Attend DevOps Sessions at Ignite

After my initial post “The Ultimate And Totally Biased Ignite Session List For DevOps Aficionados” I realized that there is some room for improvement. Not everyone is so (overly?) excited about the topic that he or she would spend all of the week of Ignite and only attend DevOps sessions. That said, out of all… Read more

The Ultimate And Totally Biased Ignite Session List For DevOps Aficionados

DevOps people, here’s over 70 good reasons why you should attend Ignite in May. I need to apologize upfront, this list is very long. But man, it is worth reviewing. For the most part you might miss these if you just peruse the great session catalog on the website. There you have it. Unless you… Read more

DevOps Hackathon at Ignite

I know, I know. You’ve heard it over and over again by now. We’re having a big conference in May in Chicago. The mother of all Microsoft tech. conferences, Ignite. Very telling name if you ask me. As with our TechEd event in the past, it comes with a pre-day. A Day 0 with plenty… Read more